Frequent Questions

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Question 1

Can I connect all my calendar accounts?

Probably yes. By supporting Google Calendar, Microsoft Exchange, Office 365, iCloud, and CalDAV virtually any calendar provider can be connected to MineTime. Of course, with hundreds of calendar providers our there, we could not test each one of them. If you find any problem connecting your calendar, please let us know.

Question 2

Do you have an iOS or Android version?

Not yet. We are currently focusing on providing the best calendar experience on desktop, including Windows, macOS and Linux. We might have a mobile version in the future but we believe calendaring on desktop needs to be fixed first. Notice that you can still use third-party calendar apps on your smartphone while using MineTime on your computer. Both will synchronize the same calendars.

Question 3

Can I use MineTime without connecting an external calendar provider?

Not yet. Currently MineTime requires you to connect at least one external calendar account, hosted by either Google, Microsoft, Apple, or even by yourself. We have plans to offer pure local calendars, coming at the beginning of 2021.

Privacy & Security

Question 3

Do you get access to my calendar accounts?

No. One of the advantages of MineTime compared to other web calendars is that the synchronization of your accounts can happen locally, without involving our servers. The passwords of your accounts are stored in your computer and never transferred to us. In other words, we protect your access credentials by making sure we don't ever see them.

Question 4

Can you see my calendar events, my emails, or my contacts?

No. MineTime synchronises all calendar events locally and, unlike others, does not need to store your calendar data on the cloud to work. Even more complex features like MineTime Insight and the MineTime Scheduling Assistant process your data locally.

Question 4

What about data security in MineTime?

As MineTime keeps the calendar data on your computer, the security of this data depends on the security of your system. If an attacker gets access to your computer, he/she might be able to read not only your calendar but also your emails, saved passwords, and files. It is therefore recommended that you keep your operating system up to date and install a protection software.

Question 6

I am using the free version of MineTime. Do you sell my data?

Absolutely not. We apply to the free plans the same privacy policy of the paid plans. We don’t serve ads, we don't mine your data, and we don’t sell your data. Our business model is simple; we make the best calendar service we can, and we charge our customers to use that service. That’s the only way we make money.

Question 7

Why do I need to verify my email address?

Your email address is associated to your MineTime account. The MineTime account is necessary to share basic information (for example, your active subscriptions) across all the devices where you use MineTime. We use the email address verification as a passwordless login on each device to make sure nobody else can access your account.

Question 7

Why should I trust you with my calendars?

That's a great question. Our goal is to make your life easier when it comes to time management. We are committed to continue improving thanks to your feedback and we do not make privacy compromises. You stay in control of your data by deciding where it is hosted and can go back to your previous calendar tools at any time.

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