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Building calendars for the 21st century

Here at ETH Zurich we investigate how to bring the latest technologies into the everyday life. MineTime is part of a research project to build a modern, multi-platform, AI-powered calendar application.

All your calendars in one place

MineTime works natively with Google Calendar,, Microsoft Exchange, iCloud and any CalDAV service: this means you can organize all your calendars directly in MineTime.

Google Calendar
Office 365
CalDAV like Fruux
CalDAV like Nextcloud

Time Analytics

Understanding how time is spent is important to improve future scheduling decisions.

MineTime Insight instantly shows you how often you met your colleagues in the past months, how many times an event has been already rescheduled and much more.

MineTime Insight provides a visual analysis of past scheduling decisions

Natural Language

MineTime's assistant understands what you say. You can easily schedule new events or perform actions on the calendar by using the most intuitive interface: English.

Cross-platform experience

MineTime is a calendar built on Electron, allowing it to run natively as desktop application on Windows, Mac and - yes! - Linux. Enjoy the same smooth experience across all three!

MineTime works on Windows, Mac and Linux

Smart scheduling

Finding a time that works for everybody is a pain! Thanks to Artificial Intelligence, MineTime will soon learn your daily pattern and preferences. Considering everyone’s agendas and their personal preferences, MineTime will make group scheduling fast and easy as never before.

You privacy is important to us and MineTime will never show other people your calendar!

MineTime uses AI to help you schedule events

Have any questions?

Question 1

Is MineTime an app or a research project?

It is both. Here at ETH Zurich we investigate how to bring new technologies, like Artificial Intelligence, into the daily routine in order to help people get more out of their time. To do so, we have developed MineTime, a fully-featured calendar application, powered by the latest technologies, that will help us create even better ones.

Question 2

What is the research project about?

We conduct research in the areas of Artificial Intelligence to provide recommendations about the best time to schedule new events and make the scheduling process faster, Natural Language Processing and Human-Computer Interaction to simplify the daily usage of productivity tools and Visual Analytics to provide insight about past scheduling decisions.

Question 3

Do you get access to my calendar account?

No. One of the main reason why MineTime is a desktop application instead of a web application is that the synchronization of your calendars can happen locally, without involving our servers. The password of your accounts is stored in the keychain of your computer and is never transferred to our servers. In other words, we protect your access credentials by making sure we don't ever see them.

Question 4

Do you get access to my calendar event data?

No. MineTime synchronises all calendar events locally and, unlike others, does not need to store your calendar data on the cloud to work.

Question 5

MineTime is free. Do you sell my data?

Absolutely not. As a research project, MineTime is financed by ETH Zurich and by the Swiss Innovation Agency. As such, the technologies developed are released for free and can be used by everybody for non-commercial purposes as part of MineTime. We take data protection seriously. We will never sell your data. Please read our Privacy Policy for more information.

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MineTime is developed at the Department of Computer Science of ETH Zurich, one of the world's leading research institutions.

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